Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Vintage Precious: Tuomas Ikonen's Armchair

My Vintage Precious is a monthly series where I ask people working on the creative field to share their most beloved second hand possessions and reveal the stories behind them.

Photo © Tuomas Ikonen

My most precious vintage possession is this baroque style chair, which is about 100 years old. My parents bought it for themselves in the eighties from an auction. It was upholstered with green wool fabric and was in bad condition, and they gave it a new life by upholstering it with dark red velvet.

About five years ago, before they moved to a smaller apartment and the chair didn’t fit anymore to their home, they gave it to me. I wanted to give the chair a modern touch and make it a little less serious, so we painted the wooden parts with golden paint and upholstered it with purple velvet. It was very kitschy and throne-like for couple of years. After our mischievous cats used it as their scratching post, we had to renew the fabrics. We bought a bunch of interesting looking fabrics, and my girlfriend Maaret sewed the little pieces together to make a giant quilt. We wanted it to look a little bit ugly, and so colorful that it hurts. Rest of our home is quite monochromatic and most of our furnitures are modern, from 60’s to beyond, so this chair really makes its presence known in our home. Cats still sharpen their claws to it, so we probably have to redesign it in couple of years.

Photo © Tuomas Ikonen

Many thanks to Tuomas for sharing his story! 

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