Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Vintage Precious

My Vintage Precious is a new monthly series where I ask people working on the creative field to share their most beloved second hand possessions and reveal the stories behind them.

Photo © Maria Laine

I'm really excited about this new series and will start it by sharing one of my own vintage favorites. The piece that I want to introduce you is a golden evening bag which I've had almost all my life. I bought it from a flea market when I was just five years old.

My folks use to give me a small weekly pocket money (something like 5 marks = 0,85 EURO = 1 USD) which they usually let me spent however I pleased. Most often I used it on candy but one late summer Sunday as we were strolling around the Hietalahti flea market in Helsinki with my family, I spotted the most awesome golden bag I had ever laid my eyes on. It was a reign from the 1970's disco days and completely embroidered with gold sequins and pearls. I knew immediately that I had to have it. I remember that the vendor wanted six marks for it, but unfortunately I only had five. 

A bag, a pencil case, a hat - over the years my clutch has had many jobs.
Photo © Maria Laine

I recall that she tried to offer me another silver bag for a cheaper price but I wouldn't budge. I had my little girl heart settled in this amber beauty and was determined not to leave the market place without it. After some debate the vendor finally gave in to my puppy eyes and headstrong attitude grinningly accepting my bid.

And that's pretty much the story how this sparkling purse became mine.

My Vintage Precious continues next month when illustrator Tuomas Ikonen shares his favorite second hand possession. Stay tuned and find out what it is!


Ps. Want to be featured in MVP? If you feel that you can produce great photography and have an interesting story to tell, feel free to contact me at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sneaky sneak peek

Here's a little sneak peek of "The Tale of PoVintage", a short comic story drawn by Pyynö Hietajärvi. It will be soon available online as a whole. Be prepared, you have been warned.


Ps. Continuing on the sneaky side, here's some sillyness from the Waverly Films: