Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Little Assistant

"No fooling around here. Crafting jewelry is serious business."
Photo © Salla Poutiainen

It's about time to introduce my co-worker, Ulpu. She's a two-year-old, half Russian blue and half British short hair cat girl.

Taking a nap on a most hideous keyboard known to man.
  Photo © Salla Poutiainen

I never had a pet growing up, so before Ulpu came to us, I didn't understand how attached you can get with such a little creature. I love all the silly sounds she manages to purr and how she makes me laugh every day. If it was possible, me and Mr. would take a second furry companion right away.

The photos above are old ones, dating at least a year back. Because of her own safety, she isn't allowed in our studio space anymore, but she keeps me company during coffee breaks and assists me while taking product photos for Po Vintage.

Photo © Salla Poutiainen

We've been incredibly lucky with her because regardless of her young age, she's really sweet and obedient little feline. She does of course get quite playful and attention driven at times and the other day she managed to wreck my studio while hunting a banana fly. It's quite impossible to get mad at her though. Also, looking back her interference was in fact a good thing. I finally understood to take a much needed coffee break.


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