Friday, December 23, 2011

Po giveaway at Devon Rachel!

Devon Rachel wearing Scylla Pearl necklace. Photo © Devon Dyer

The Texan blogger Devon Dyer from Devon Rachel is having a Po giveaway this week, so if you want a chance to win a Po fringe necklace, head over to and enter the competition before December 28th!
The posting also includes a short Q&A with me and some great outfit photos of Devon sporting her new Scylla pearl necklace. I’m always curious to see how people style my pieces and I was delighted to see how she manage to combine junky necklaces with sunglasses, leopard print and electric blue without making it look too busy. Absolute opposite, the outfit is very coherent and top notch elegant head to toe. Great work Devon! 

x Salla


  1. Lovely necklace. I entered and hope I win!! You make such lovely creations. Happy holidays.

  2. Thank you Meghan and Happy holidays to you too! Best of luck with the allotment! :)