Monday, December 12, 2011

Ferocious photos of Fernando Pinto

Photo © Fernando Pinto
I was browsing through the Internets the other day and I found this amazing picture of the fierce, yet beautiful creature that you can see above. This image immediately made me think of Miss Grrrr since the tiger in question most definitely possesses a similar fearless attitude. 

Annoyingly, the page where I discovered the photo didn’t include the photographer’s name but luckily after some digging, I found out that the shot was taken by Venezuelan born, now Californian based fellow named Fernando Pinto. I contacted him and he was kind enough to let me feature some of his impressive shots. 
Photo © Fernando Pinto

When I first saw the close up photo of this sanguine white tiger, I presumed that the shot must’ve been taken by a professional photographer for an animal encyclopedia or a similar kind of publication. Therefore I was very surprised when Fernando told me that even though he has always loved photography, it’s merely a hobby to him. 
Photo © Fernando Pinto

Photo © Fernando Pinto

Photo © Fernando Pinto

These shots were taken 2007 in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, California. You can view the whole series of photographs in Fernando’s Flickr here. 

x Salla

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