Monday, April 7, 2014

My Favorite Etsy Shops: Stella and Lori

Today I’m starting a new series in my blog called “My Favorite Etsy Shops”. There are so many cool Etsy stores out there so I thought it would be fun to spread the word and introduce some of my favorites to you.  

The first shop in the series is Israelian based shop Stella and Lori. Stella and Lori creates beautiful handmade accessories including bags, clutches, wallets and purses. As an addition, they also have a clothing line which reflects the same exaggerated and dramatic aesthetics as their leather accessories. 

The designers behind the label are two sisters, Vered Blank Grizim and Zohar Blank Kama. The label is named after their grandmothers, Stella and Lori, who as the story goes, “grew up in Europe and then moved to Israel bringing with them a European touch of style and chic”.

What first drew me to Stella and Lori was their design style which manages to be flamboyant and subtle at the same time. The dimensions are oversized but combined with precise detailing and well-thought cut. As a result, the design language is almost flawless. Their product and lookbook images look fresh and convey the playful yet sleek attitude the brand possesses. Really cool shop and products, I highly recommend. 

Here are some links to their sites so you can get to know their creations even better:

All photos by Stella and Lori, used with their permission.


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