Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Vintage Precious: Johanna Lemettinen's Ring

My Vintage Precious is a monthly series where I ask people working on the creative field to share their most beloved second hand possessions and reveal the stories behind them.

Photo © Salla Poutiainen

"My most precious vintage item is a silver ring that originally belonged to my mother. She got it from my father in 1972,  a year before I was born. It was the first piece of jewelry my father ever gave to her. 

I used to play with this ring when I was a kid. I dressed up and tried it on, but it always fell off since my fingers were too little. My sister – who's ten year's younger than me – also played with it after I had lost interest. After I moved on my own, the ring was left behind and I forgot all about it. Year's later when I was visiting my sister it turned out that she still had the ring stashed. She was happy to return it to me and it has been with me ever since. To my great satisfaction I discovered the ring is in fact adjustable – something  I never realized as a child. So now it fits perfectly."

Thanks Johanna for sharing your story!

Besides being my partner in crime at PoVintage, Johanna works also as a visual artist. 

You can get to know her amazing paintings here:


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  1. I love the story! It makes me want to look back on my own childhood. ^.^ It’s always a nice feeling to rediscover things from the past. And what I like most is that even after all these years, the ring has still something to offer. If Johanna had known then that it was adjustable, she might not lost interest and there wouldn’t be any reunion. It wouldn’t be so stirring.