Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Vintage Precious: Lasse Ursin's Desk

My Vintage Precious is a monthly series where I ask people working on the creative field to share their most beloved second hand possessions and reveal the stories behind them.

Photo © Salla Poutiainen |
Painting on the background by Pyynö Hietajärvi

"My favorite vintage possession is an old school desk that’s been on my family all my life. When I was a kid, the desk served as a craft table for me and my siblings. Later when we were older, it was placed on the verandah of our house where it was used as a smoking table. When I moved on my own, I took the desk with me.

Photo © Salla Poutiainen

Depending on where I lived, the desk has been placed either outside on the balcony or indoors. The table’s legs are very short, and as a grown-up, my own legs couldn’t fit under it anymore. I resolved the issue by adding wheels on to it. Besides being more spacious, it’s now easy to move around when need it.  

Maybe because it’s an old school desk every time I sit on front of it, I instantly get in to a 'work mode'. Even though it's now located at my home, not my studio space, it works as a kind of a mini-office where I edit my videos and do all the writing stuff.

Photo © Salla Poutiainen

Since the desk has been kept outdoors, the surface is very rustic and aged. When we were kids, me, my brother and sister used to carve things on it. I actually still sometimes do that. If I get preoccupied I may write, paint or carve something on it. I like the fact that the table is a piece which surface is always in constant change." 

Photo © Salla Poutiainen

Thank you very much for Lasse sharing his story!

Lasse Ursin is a visual artist residing in Lahti, Finland. If you want to get to know his kinetic sculptures, you can visit his home page here:

To connect with Lasse, go to his Fb page:

The cool shirt that he is wearing on the photos is Hydra’s. Hydra is a Lahti based art collective where Lasse is a member. If you want to order one of their t-shirts, you can contact the guys via email: hydralahti [at] Hydra is also found online here:


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